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Which are thick -- think and search questions?
Which are thin --- right there in the text?
(See handout -- copyrighted; cannot share online)

ABC Format (Rubric)
Answer the question by restating.
Back it up with enough evidence from the text to support your answer.
Conclude with your main idea.

Write clearly, correctly, thoroughly.

Questions asked by our blogging partners:

1.  What role does Mrs. V play in Melody's development?

2.  How does Ollie's life mirror Melody's?

3.  Describe how the introduction of Penny as a character changes the family dynamics?


What questions do you have about this image?

1.    Ask as many questions as you can
2.    Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer the questions
3.    Write down every question exactly as it is stated
4.    Change any statement into a question

Steven's Encouragement

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