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Vocab Pics

Vocabulary Pictures

Idea from: Laura Coughlin

Go to Compfight  

Search for a word that could represent your word:
forgiving: accident, hurt
happiness: smile

On the left, be sure to click "Creative Commons."

Download the medium picture.

In Chrome, on the Progress Bar at the bottom, click the triangle and choose "Open."

It will open in Preview on the Mac.

Copy the source code.

In Preview, go to Tools ---> Annotate ---> Add Text.

Add Text.

Upload to Kidblog.  

Title: Vocabulary yourword
Tag: Vocab Picture yourcodename
Category: You class

Insert your image.
Write the meaning of the word.
Tell why you chose the picture -- how does it show your word meaning?

Go to HTML (tap on post at top right)
Go to bottom of post.
Add the citation --  the source by pasting the source code.