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Learning Behaviors

We will practice:
    1.    Extra Mile – goes above and beyond, encouraging members of our learning community
    2.    Cross Contamination – shows initiative working with individuals across projects/classes to solve problems.
    3.    The Closer – works to bring a project to quality completion and made its importance stand out.
    4.    Crash in Flames – fails with flair and learned something from that failure, and shares it
    5.    Out on a Limb – pushes boundaries and takes risks to accomplish a learning goal.

We will eliminate:
    1.    Lost Mile – takes the low road, discouraging members of our learning community
    2.    Sole Ownership – keeps to him/herself and may have added to class problems.
    3.    The Stopper – has not done their part and left a hole in a project.
    4.    Crash Landing – fails to ask for help or refuses to participate.
    5.    Knot Hider – stops at the first sign of thinking and blocks themselves from trying towards a learning goal.

Based on the TechSmith philosophy