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A way to save a bookmark to your research, highlight and save the important ideas on  the website, and add notes in your own words with "stickynotes."  Use tags to easily find the website in your saved list.  

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How To

Be sure you add the Diigo Diigolet to your browsers. 
 Diigolet (a bookmarklet) --Click here to access.

Key Vocabulary

Bookmark: A hyperlink to a saved website address.

Tag: A tag is a keyword, term or description that is assigned, or that you assign, to a piece of information. A piece of information may have multiple tags.

We use tags in our blogs too.Tags help you remember the key words and topics in your research and in your blog. They can be key words, authors, topics, details.

In Diigo, you separate each topic with spaces.  To use two words, use quotation marks
[ "Michael Jordan"] or an underline [ Michael_Jordan ].