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Quick Writes

Quick Write:

Take out your writing journal (not spiral reading journal). Write about the topic for at least three minutes, then you may change to your own topic.

Prompt, Prune, Publish

Power Writing


February 5  W7 Cell Phones

Cell phones should be used at school for learning.

First write: Explain your first reason?.
Second write: Explain your second reason.
Third write: Explain your third reason.

Jan 22 8 Staying Well

What do you know about staying well: diet, exercise, vaccinations?

Jan 22 7: Cell phones

How do cell phones work?

Jan 22 6: Cyber-safety

What are the most important rules about cyber-safety?

Jan 17: Found Poetry

Choose your underlined phrases to create a "found poem" about MLK. Add two final lines of your own to show his affect on the world.

Jan 16:  What do you know about Martin Luther King, Jr?

Jan 15 Eagles: What do they do?