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Six Word Memoir Code

Six Word Memoir

Code Language


This project teaches some code while learning the writing skill of being concise!

Goal 1

How do people make web pages and online games?

Answer: CODE

Code is the language of the web, and there are many different kinds of code.

Goal 2

When writing, choosing the best, most vivid word is a skill. Create an image of your meaning in the reader's mind by choosing the best, fewest words possible.


Create two six-word-memoir webpages.
  1. A six-word-memoir about yourself
  2. A six-word-memoir about your favorite character in your favorite book. What would that character write about him- or herself?
Follow the directions at Mozilla Thimble's Six Word Memoir

When you have created a six-word-memoir, add your code name and link to your page on this document:  Six Word Memoir Links

Six Word Examples


Teen Video

Teacher Introduction / Explanation HTML Example:

Basic HTML