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Cite that Image

Learn CODE and CREDIT here !

Are you using images, sound/audio, and video to create your documents and presentations? Without a creator's permission, you cannot use their work.  Of course, some of these are created with a special license, a creative commons license. 

Let learn about code and licenses here.

Cite that Image!

Using images?  Be sure to use those images that are not copyrighted. Choose Creative Commons or Public Domain images. Give the creator credit.


Learn CODE and CREDIT !  Cite That Image

Cite That Sound!

What about music?  Music is copyrighted too, so learn where and how to find and cite audio files.

Cite that Sound

Cite that Video !

What about video?  You've got to use video that is not owned by others. Learn more here: Cite that Video

Now, Get Creative !

Think of topic.
Write the information.
Add the image, audio, and video to make your topic come alive:
Find and cite the image.
Find and cite the audio.
Find and cite the video.

Create You Own