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Tween Tribune Computer Directions

Tween Tribune Sign-up -- do in Ms Edwards's class--

  1. On the Student sign up page, each student submits a unique username-- your code name and usual password.  No last names or spaces. Add letters or numbers if the username submitted is taken.
  2. Select your classroom from a series of dropdown menus, beginning with your country.
  3. Finally, provide the answer to a security question so you can reset your password if you forget it.
  4. Select a story from Topics menu or the homepage of TweenTribune and create a comment about the story.
    1. Comments include
      1. I liked that (or the part about )...
      2. I like the way the author wrote --- (what writing strategy was used -- description, details (5ws), figurative language, precise words)...
      3. I agree/disagree when the article said .......  I think that.....
      4. I wonder....


Poetry Project  Choose "View Notebook." Read and follow directions.

Poetry project ends 5/3/13