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About This Site

Welcome to our reading and writing world!

We have an opportunity to participate in a world community of learners to learn not only reading and writing skills but also the citizenship skills of the 21st Century. 

Our projects allow us to create the world we want to live in by participating in ways that we would like others to participate with us.

Our class educational network provides us this opportunity to practice and plan to prepare students for when they may enter this online world on their own.

What does that world look like to you?  Are you willing to accept the responsibility?

Please follow the links at top to find lesson plans, wikis, and blogs that create our educational network of learning.

Please look to the left for the new Common Core State Standards we are learning, and for our current focus and lessons.

Come on in!  We're pushing our pens and pencils to read and to create powerful prose and poetry!

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Edwards at 509 634 4541 or email and sedwards at nsdeagles dot org.

Photo Credit:
Pencil_357   by Nevit Dilmen  License: GNU
Pretzil Art Photo by sedwards; Art by T. Stanczak