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Laptop Life


The Nespelem School District believes that in order for students to positively contribute to a 21st century global society, they must be globally aware, civically engaged, and capable of managing their lives. In this society, students also will need to be able to

thoughtfully use information, media, and technology in order to succeed. The NSD provides technology resources with these goals for its students in mind.

The NSD believes the educational advantages of using technology outweigh the potential for misuse. The NSD has established safeguards to ensure the protection of staff and students. These safeguards ensure the benefits of technology, protect the corporation’s investment in hardware and software, and help to prevent misuse. Technology allows NSD users to access and utilize global resources, communicate and collaborate with other individuals/groups for educational purposes, and significantly expand access to digital curriculum and research.

The provisions of this policy and associated guidelines and agreements are in addition the requirements of applicable school rules and state and federal law. The NSD has the duty to investigate any suspected violations.

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