Reading and Writing for Argument

Lesson One Introduction Slides 678

An argument includes:

Claim: A claim is a statement that is arguable. Examples might be a solution to a
problem, an opinion about a social issue, or something the author believes to be true.
A claim often answers the question that starts with the word what. What do I think?
What is the problem that needs to be solved?

  • The claim (that typically answers the question: “What do I think?”)

  • Reason: A reason is a statement that supports the claim. Reasons often answer the
    question why. Why do you say that? If you can answer the question why with the word
    because in the sentence, you have a reason.

  • The reasons (that typically answer the question: “Why do I think this?”)

  • Evidence: Evidence supports the reason and gives proof to the claim. Evidence can
    include examples, case studies, testimonials, and statistics. Evidence often answers
    the question how. How do I know this is true?

  • The evidence (that typically answers the question: “How do I know this is the case?”).

  • Lesson Two 678  Close Reading

    2- A 


    World Series Text -- Click link to open or scan QR Code. When open, choose the download icon. When open, right /control click to "Save as." Name it: worldseries codename and save to the "Desktop." Minimize your browser [yellow button at top left]. Find the document on your desk. Click it once only. Do not double click. Right/control click to "Open with Preview."  

    You will now be able to highlight the document, but may need to save it as another copy -- the computer will do it for you; just add a 2 to your name [ worldseries codename2 ].

    Choose the highlight tool:

    Or it may already be on the top of the document:

    You will be asked to highlight in certain colors certain types of information to learn reading skills. Listen to the directions.

    Be sure to go to File-->Save often.

    When we are finished, you will "save" and quit the document. You will go to your Google Drive and upload the document; it will keep your highlighting and I will be able to see and grade your work.


    Author Tone: Author's Craft  RI 4  How does the author's word choice create a tone or mood?

    Tone is the author's attitude toward the topic. The author's attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects.