Where Steps

How to create your Where I'm From Video and Slides

Step 1 Make Video Photo Booth  and drag to desktop. 

Step 2 Share Video to iTunes to convert the format.
You may want to create a folder with your name for these files.
Your video from Photo Booth will open in QuickTime Player.
Export it to iTunes, then open iTunes and drag that file to your desktop.

Your slide 2 is for sharing: place your CODE name, part of your poem, and link to video. This video will get you started -- see Step 5 for more detailed slide information.

Step 4 Add Video to Shared Folder

You will use this Shared Folder Link in 4a: Where Student Videos

4a: Get the above shared folder in your drive and upload your video without interfering others' videos.

Step 5 Finalize your slide and copy to group slideshow.
Format your text, images, animations.
Copy and paste here without interfering with others' slides: WA Slide Introductions

Step 6 Add to your own slideshow.
And more slides with more of your poem. Enhance and format to show more about you.