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9/17 All Where I'm From

posted Sep 16, 2015, 7:56 PM by   [ updated Oct 4, 2015, 1:36 PM ]

Blogging Partners: CLBOOC

Connected Learning Blogging Open Online Collaboration

What is it?  Read about it here.

Work Progress Reflection [Go to File --> Make a Copy ]

Who are our blogging partners?  Well, they are wondering who WE are!

So, to begin, we will create poems to share a bit about ourselves.

How?  Let's get started:

Where are you from?

Listen to this poem by George Ella Lyons: Where I'm From

Listen to more as Ms Edwards reads student versions to you. Student

These poems are models for our project.

How can you write a poem like this?   Plan a prewrite!

Suggestions for prewriting -- be as descriptive as possible; include sights and sounds:

1.  Traditions: List traditions you have with family and friends [ holidays, pow wows, hunting, going to the lake, etc.].  Star two.  For those two, list the sights and sounds of those traditions.

2. People:  Who are important people in your life?  What did you learn from them? What did they say? Why are they important to you?

3. Sadness: And then there are the sad or disappointing times. Did you fall or did some one important pass? 

All of these are things that make us who we are as we grow and cope with the positive and negatives of our lives.

Sometimes it helps to draw a timeline of your life: Here's an example

Try creating your own.  Start with your birthdate, then add events.  If the event is happy, place it above the horizontal middle line extending from your birthdate; if the event is disappointing or sad, place it below the horizontal middle line extending from your birthdate.


First, look over your lists and timeline. Add some descriptive language -- sights, sounds, actions.

Now let's share a few of our first "I am from" ideas.  List them here.

See what others write.  Which ones SHOW excitement, interest, sights, and sounds?  Those will draw in your reader -- your blogging buddies. You want to make them love the things you love, feel sad at your sad and disappointing times, and want to do the things you do.  They will if you are DESCRIPTIVE with DETAILS.

What do I mean?  Read these poems with me: I am from.

Now make a copy of this template to use your lists and timeline to add more details and draft your two to three verse "I am from" poem like the second example in the link above.

Once you have your poem, you will be able to make your video reading, like this one:  Ask What Else I Am From.

Then we will add each of yours to this class slideshow:

And, again, here is the syllabus for our CLBOOC !